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Alaska is a great place for Special Ed Teachers

Encounter unsurpassed beauty when you take a position as a special education teacher in Alaska. With over 100,000 glaciers and 33,000 miles of coastline, Alaska is truly majestic. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Bearing Sea, and Arctic Ocean, Alaska offers access to some of the most unique wildlife on the planet. Ideal for anyone with an adventurous spirit, residents travel by dogsled, air, or sea to remote destinations. Experience white water rafting, snow sports, and horseback riding in America's true final frontier when you take a special education teacher job in Alaska.

Visit Alaska's most populated city of Anchorage for nightlife and museums, or find yourself swept away by the charm of small havens, such as Meadow Lakes and Lazy Mountain. You'll find upscale dining and lodges, folk music festivals, and exquisite Native art exhibits throughout the state. Experience popular events like the Sitka Whale Festival and the Alaskan Hummingbird Festival each year. As a special education teacher in Alaska, you'll enjoy a paradise that is truly unlike any other on Earth. Search our most recent job openings  below.

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Fairbanks, Alaska
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