Best Cities for Special Ed. Teachers: Houston

Houston, an amazing place for Special Ed Teachers

Houston, TX - Best Cities for Special Ed Teachers

Yes, everything IS bigger in Texas, especially the amount of history. If you’re a history or science buff, Houston might be the best place to work as a special education teacher. This city has so many amazing museums that you could easily spend a whole week exploring each one!

For the teachers looking for a more old western type activity, the rodeo is still going strong! Become a true Texan and cheer on some cowboys – it’s a guaranteed good time. There’s something for everyone in Houston, including a generous amount of activities that are cost-friendly or even free – great for encouraging family and friends to visit, or incorporating them into your lessons with students!

Houston has one of the largest and top-rate school districts in the country, along with many other growing districts around the metro area. In Houston, you’ll be well-supported as a special education teacher, working on a multi-disciplinary team with qualified therapists and other experienced special ed teachers.

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